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Post M&A

Organizational Integration

More and more companies are considering M&A for further growth. 

However, less companies enjoy benefits form M&A.

“the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions somewhere

between 70% and 90%”     [Clayton M. Christensen, March 2011, Harvard Business Review]

“Japan’s M&A success rate is 50%”            [May 2014 Vol. 235 MARR Interview]

“Target accomplishment level is 36%“     [Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting (2013)]


 "People matters" affect PMI failure 

       • New Management Leadership↓

       • Employee Moral & Motivation↓

       • Key Persons Turnover↑

       • Execution Speed & Commitment↓


"Emotional Conflicts" behind.

・Psychological tendency: Winner v.s. Loser

・Rejective reaction for change

・A feeling of anxiety and inequality

・Strong pride, passion, loyalty toward the former organization

Dealing with Emotional Integration is vital for successful PMI


Due Diligence (Culture & Talent)

・Leadership selection

・Culture comparison

・Organization assessment

Partnering with

Management Team Alignment (A.C.E. Program)

Want to Do 





What to Do

・Vision and PMI roadmap

・Organization structure and governance

・Roles & responsibilities for PMI roadmap

Action Plan Execution

Install the mechanism of not allowing stop doing

・Project Management

      to keep the priority

・Coaching to key leaders

      to back up transformation technically and mentally

・Organization design and HR support

      to build a flexible and speedy organization

Cross-border PMI services

Partnering with

・Integration Due Diligence

・Integration Strategy & Design (ISD)

・Synergies & Value Creation

・Integration Management Office

・Day 1 & 100 Day Planning

・Work Stream Management

・Culture, Change & Communication

・Organization Design & Leadership Selection

・Joint Ventures

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