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Team Building

~A.C.E Program~

Alignment. Commitment. Engagement.

People don't 100% move with your "authority". 

The most powerful engine is "ownership" (Want to Do spirits).





What to Do


Want to Do

A.C.E  Program is effective for


Mind-set Change

Demotivation, Cross-department conflict, Among boss-subordinate-colleague conflict, new leader on-boarding, New project launch, diversified team

Adaptation of environmental change, Less eagerness of target achievement, lack of ownership, breakthrough past successful experience, accept diversity


Buy-in with new strategy, Ownership toward action plan and KPI, Challenging spirits for the highly difficult mission.

Approach of A.C.E Program

Open & Assertive Discussion

Teambuilding Activities

・Active listening with respect

・Constructive argument

・Close "Personal Space"

・Set a common standard of

    High Performance Team

“Wao” offsite environment

・Out of box thinking

・Loosen hierarchy and barrier

Story line of A.C.E Program
ACE storyline.jpg
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