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New Leader’s On-boarding


Post Investment Alignment

For successful transformation launch,

the top management must invest energy in getting employees buy-in and direction alignment as well as developing a growth strategy.


Less Buy-in because of "Emotional conflict"

Hired and empowered executives


Long-serving front line people


Psychological tendency of long-serving people

・Pride and passion for growing up the company so far

・Understand logically, but cannot accept emotionally

・Go observe how new people manage

Do not overconfident on own direction alignment capability because it's about EMOTION.


Due Diligence (Culture & Talent)

・Leadership selection

・Culture comparison

・Organization assessment

Partnering with

Management Team Alignment (A.C.E. Program)

Want to Do 





What to Do

・Vision and transformation roadmap

・Mid term strategy and KPI

・Roles & responsibilities for transformation

Action Plan Execution

Install the mechanism of not allowing stop doing

・Project Management

      to keep the priority

・Coaching to key leaders

      to back up transformation technically & mentally

・Organization design and HR support

      to build a flexible and speedy organization

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